County official withholds money as bills for mayor’s ‘Undercover Boss’ pledge riles Pittsburgh

A county official says she withholding funds from a Pittsburgh tourism agency until it details contributions linked to the mayor’s appearance on “Undercover Boss.”

Mayor Bill Peduto appeared on the CBS show last month and pledged $155,000 to help four needy city workers. Peduto has stressed that tax revenue won’t be used, and that corporate and institutional donors — including VisitPittsburgh — have pledged to pay the money.

But Allegheny County Controller Chelsa Wagner says VisitPittsburgh gets most of its $11 million budget from county tax money. She wants the agency to account for $25,000 it donated to the “Undercover Boss” fund, plus another $25,000 it may donate, before she hands over $682,000 in funding.

VisitPittsburgh’s chief executive officer, Craig Davis, says he’s confident the agency was right to donate the money.

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