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Access to health care improved modestly for insured Americans between 2007 and 2010, according to a recent national study, but cost is increasingly identified as a worry and an obstacle to obtaining needed care in the future.  

Having the same employer for your entire career no longer happens, but too much job hopping can be a turn off to potential hiring managers. How do you strike the right balance?

The coveted college degree costs big bucks these days, but getting a job after graduation has never been harder, and experts point to a skills gap as a contributor to unemployment. 

It takes too long and costs too much for students to matriculate, get educated and graduate from college, experts say, and everyone from the Obama Administration and Congress to the Occupy movement are speaking out. But a new crop of technology-savvy ‘edupreneurs’ are looking to change that.

Health-care costs may have stabilized for employers and employees over the last year, but that doesn’t eclipse the fact that costs have shot up 40% for employees over the last five years, a new report shows.

Legally, patients have long had the right to view doctors’ notes. But practically, this information sharing has not always taken place.

Experts say parents must instill their children with healthy values and model healthy behaviors even before a stitch of food is put on the table.

No matter how hard you plan, life can take some unexpected turns and create big dents in our budgets. Here’s expert advice for budget decisions.

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