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President Biden and Democrats have come up with a tax scheme that comes back to haunt the living who attempt to carry on family businesses ­following the owner’s death.

While the economy created an average of over 500,000 jobs from January through March (770,000 in March alone), that number dropped precipitously in April and the unemployment rate increased. No one should have been surprised.

This is Job Creation Rule #1: businesses invest in growth and hiring when they can forecast a profit.

The year 2019 set the economic standard against which future presidents will be measured and for which any president would be justifiably proud

There’s another side to Donald Trump that the media doesn’t present.

Joe Biden likes to talk about ‘tax cuts for the wealthy’ — here’s the real story.

GDP numbers show that Trump’s economic policies are continuing to make miracles, despite all the fear-mongering

Trump’s pre-pandemic record is the best record ever and makes the jobs record from the Obama-Biden administration look like they were asleep.

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