Explorer Program

for Common Factor Analysis and Related Models

Release 3.4, April, 2013

Copyright 1990-present by J. S. Fleming


Release 3.4 is now available for beta testing!

Fixes labeling problem in 3.3 when SELECT paragraph is used for item analysis. Also improves convergence for facotor analysis of scale items in item analysis.

Bi-factor rotatoions included as of 3.3. Please contact me with questions, concerns, or to report errors.

    Explorer 3.4 Zip file (click here to download) (Updated Jan., 2014)

    Manual for Explorer 3.4 (Updated November, 2013)

    Appendix to Manual (Sample Output) (Updated: Feb. 26, 2011)

    Sample Output from McDonald's Text -- Diener Life Satisfaction Data  (Updated Feb. 12, 2011)

    Hypermax Rotation Examples (from Three Classic Data Sets: Thurstone's 10 PMA, Eight Physical Variables, Holzinger's 9 Psychological Tests)

Citation information:

Fleming, J. S. (2013). Explorer : A program for common factor analysis and related models (Release 3.4). [Online software and manual.] http://swppr.org.